Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Day Trip to Galveston Island

It was a wonderful good Friday and we decided to go to Galveston, TX to ride the DUCK. DUCKs are amphibious military vehicles from WW II. There are duck tours in many cities around the US. We have been on the one in Philadelphia and Washington, DC. Now in Galveston too. We discovered they are not all owned by the same group. In the previous rides we were given duck calls that look like duck bills so we could quack along the way. The tour in Galveston does not share the patent that allows them to give you the bill. But the trip is fun none the less. There is a company in Chicago that will sell you tour own DUCK and you can pay to have it restored.
We also went to the Lone Star Flight Museum. There are some interesting aircraft there. And an extensive gift shop.